A recent action

A Recent Action

Our calendar tells us it is SPRING!  In a normal year, the Colorado General Assembly would have just passed the halfway mark of its 2020 legislative session.  Instead it has closed for at least two weeks because of the threat of the novel coronavirus, and so the legislature’s usual January to May schedule has changed in a way that is not yet clear.

Our proposed “Recent Action” is to try to pass a bill in the Legislature that rids our state election system of the use of Internet voting (which includes the return of voted ballots by email or fax, or Internet portal).

We have lived with Colorado’s official tolerance of Internet voting for almost a decade now, and are eager to see it gone.  It is a voting practice that has long been proven to be insecure, and puts its military and overseas users in a uniquely vulnerable position of having their votes easily tampered with.

We were sufficiently impressed with the message of a report written by computer experts, called Email and Internet Voting: The Overlooked Threat to Election Security, www.commoncause.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ElectionSecurityReport.pdf to resolve to put its recommendations into improvements in Colorado’s elections.