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Who We Are

We are a group of volunteer Colorado citizens working for integrity in our elections. Non-partisan and non-profit, we rely on objective scientific knowledge and research methods to determine how well the voting methods used in Colorado serve the public interest.

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“The County Election” by G. C. Bingham. Courtesy of the St. Louis Art Museum.

What We Do

We educate, bringing information on weaknesses of current state election systems to the attention of public officials, the public, and the media. We promote voting integrity in legislation and serve during elections as watchers, election judges or canvass board members.

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Women learn to vote, 1935. Via the Kheel Center, Cornell University.


We hope our website will increase an interest in election integrity. Like other essential institutions of our society, today’s elections need defenders by an informed citizenry. So we mention a few other resources with valuable information on the state of our elections.

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